Rope Access in London

The Best Services

Rope Access in London

The Best Services

Rope Access in London

The Best Services

Rope Access in London

The Best Services

Rope Access in London

The Best Services

Our Services

Building Repairs & Maintenance

If you’re having any problems with your building, such as bricks loosening up, leaks, or any kind of damage done to the roof, we can send in a rope access technician to take care of it in no time at all.

Window replacement
Roof repair
High-rise mastic replacement
Maintenance carried out for local Authorities
Property management agencies
Private landlords
Bird Netting
High Rise Glass Replacement
Pointing repairs
Concrete repairs
Loose masonry removal
Roof repairs and maintenance


Whether you’re looking for a surefire way to remove graffiti or simply repaint your walls, you can count on our rope access technicians to do that for you in a way that is both safe and completely reliable.

Window painting
Painting and applying elevations
Brickwork painting
Masonry painting
Graffiti removal
Roof painting and waterproofing
Wooden windows repairs and painting
Steel painting and anticorrosive coating

Building Surveying

We offer building surveying services, such as drafting, photographic recording, boroscope and concrete inspections, all provided by our professional technicians.

Drafting, photographic recording
Preparation of analytical reports
Defect survey
Boroscope Inspection
Concrete inspection


Make sure even the most hard-to-reach sposts of your building are properly clean at all times. We can reach even the highest windows, rooftops, and any other area that would otherwise be too dangerous to clean on your own.

Window cleaning
Conservatory cleaning
Aluminium cladding cleaning
High-pressure cleaning
Bird fouling cleaning
Brick and masonry cleaning
End-of-contract builders cleaning
Retail sign cleaning


Installation of large format banners

Client Opinions

Flat C called Camden to say that they are very happy with the works R.A.I.L have done and they are willing to support parking issue that said RAIL company have been great from first day you guys worked on site to today, they whave never seen any contractors works so good in-fact he also said that company RAIL are too good for Camden they cannot belive how good the work men have been and the works done outstanding.
Wates Living Space
I know you are used to moans about repairs so I'm going to break the pattern and give some praise to Wates. Our roof is only five years old but already we have had yearly repairs for leaks in the same place. The workmen have come and within the hour 'fixed' the problem, until the following leak. This morning as arranged the roofers from Wates arrived and went on the roof to see what the problem is. For the first time since the problem began a proper analysis was done and it isn't a quick take a day and a half to do properly but it will mean that the leaks will be a thing of the past. The three Polish roofers from Wates are lovely. They arrived showed their ID covered their shoes and really seem to know what they are doing. So when you het the moans (some of which are justified) from residents about repairs please rememeber this emial as I am sure there are other satisfied people. By the way neither Wates nor the workmen know I am on the board so I an not getting preferential treatment.

Why Choose Us?

Rope Access is a cheaper, safer, and more efficient alternative to more traditional methods, such as scaffolding.

Here are a few reasons why more businesses are deciding to use rope access solutions.


R.A.I.L Ltd. offer the safest means of working at heights available. Using this innovative methods, our technicians, as well as everyone around, are perfectly safe.

No Job is Too Big or Too Small

No job is too big or too small Whether you need us to clean every window in your office tower or simply get rid of a small piece of graffiti on your wall, we will take care of it all, regardless of scale.

Trusted Provider

R.A.I.L. Ltd. is a company that many Londoners have already trusted throughout the years and none of them have been disappointed. We guarantee high-quality services at all times.

High Standards

Though we work at heights, we are always in control of the situation, which means that you can expect a service that is up to the highest standards at all times.


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At R.A.I.L. Ltd., we offer the best rope access services available in London. Take a look at all our client reviews to find out for yourself. If you find yourself in need of someone to repair, paint, or otherwise do anything with your building that involves operating at considerable heights, book our services using our online form.