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High pressure cleaning

Some structures require more attention than others. Depending on where your building is located, it may be subjected to more dirt than others. This is particularly true for industrial areas where smog can cause buildings to decay much faster. The best way of getting rid of such stains is high-pressure cleaning, and with the help of R.A.I.L., you can have it performed on your building, no matter how high.

With rope access, our specialists can access even the hardest to reach areas of your buildings with little effort and without the use of heavy equipment. Relying on the solid build of their rope equipment, they can freely access high spaces and perform difficult tasks there, while at the same time minimising the risk of falling down or dropping any tools. This method of high-pressure cleaning is thus not only cheaper and more efficient than others, but it’s also the safest you could ever hope for.


With rope access cleaners, no window, roof or wall is too high to clean. Whether it’s a routine cleaning or removing graffiti, we can handle it.


The rope access technicians at R.A.I.L. can perform painting tasks both simple and complex, including brickwork, masonry, window, and roof painting.

Building Repairs & Maintenance

Buildings deteriorate over time and often require repairs in hard to reach places. Our rope access technicians are well trained in handling all manner of repairs.

Bird Spikes

Birds can become very disruptive if not repelled early enough. Make sure they don’t bother you with our bird spikes, mounted by our expert rope access technicians.

Building Surveying

With their expert knowledge in the field, our rope access specialists can offer a number of building surveying services, such as drafting, photographic recording, and more.


Make sure your building is protected from the elements from all sides. Our waterproofing service is here to help you make sure your roof and other higher elevations are always completely sealed.