High-Rise Glass Replacement

Due to their invisibility, it is quite easy to overlook the importance of exterior sealants in building maintenance. While they don’t play an active role in making your building attractive, exterior sealants are essential in maintaining optimal temperature and preventing heat loss. Exterior sealants are also important in reducing electricity costs and preventing weather elements from damaging your building.

The glass panels in a high-rise building are usually strong and can withstand wind pressure and bear human weight or slight impacts while functioning as walls. Regardless of their strength, glass panels in high rise buildings may suffer damage due to several factors, including the weather, heat insulation, and age.

These factors make regular maintenance and replacement of damaged mastic coatings essential. However, mastic replacements in high-rise buildings can be tedious, requiring a council permit, time-consuming, and using scaffolds or mobile elevated working platforms (MEWPs).

Glass Replacement


When high rise glass panels crack or suffer any damage, it’s best to replace them as soon as possible to forestall building accidents. The safe replacement and repair of these glass panels require heavy machinery and well-trained professionals due to the size and height of windows in high rise buildings. This may involve using a crane or MEWP to lift the new glass panel to the required level, depending on how tall your building is. That’s where we come in.

Our team features high-grade professionals with expertise in roof repair, glass replacement, and repainting of high-rise buildings. We have been, and continue to be, engaged by several large companies who need fast, efficient and professional window cleaners, painters and glass replacements. Whether it is a large or small project, wherever in London it may be, we’re the team for the job.

Replacing A Glass Panel


Sometimes your glass panels may suffer damage and need to be replaced for building security and resilience to harsh weather. There are three major ways in which RAIL replaces a damaged glass panel. The replacement method usually depends on building height, structural design, and location density (whether crowded by people or buildings). Before replacing your glass panels, our team of experts pay a feasibility visit to your building to assess the situation and decide the best method to employ.


Crane Based Glass Panel Replacements

Our professionals use manoeuvrable machines and a Mobile Elevated Working Platform (MEWP) to lift the panel and replacement experts to the required window height. This method is highly productive and easily gets the job done.

However, it is often inhibited by crane parking spaces and having to block the street. Hiring cranes and MEWPs can also be financially draining for regular maintenance, repair or replacement jobs. Additionally, cranes and MEWPs have maximum height limits, which may be lower than the damaged panel’s altitude.

Internal Panel Replacements

The second method for replacing broken glass in high rise buildings is by fixing them from within. An internal panel replacement requires
transporting the new glass panel via a freight elevator. This method is particularly useful for replacing small windows as the glass can fit right in the elevator.

Need Broken Glass Replacements In London?

RAIL offers comprehensive building care with a primary focus on customer satisfaction and safety. Our operation methods are nonintrusive and environmentally friendly, allowing you to focus on the business part of things while we cater to the needs of your building’s glass panels. The highest points of your building come within reach thanks to an innovative rope access technique that guarantees worker safety and increased mobility.

Building Maintenance Unit

But sometimes, the broken glass panel is too large to be transported within the building. To ease this trouble, RAIL uses the building maintenance unit (BMU) atop your skyscraper. Building maintenance units are roof-based, controllable (automatic, remotely or manually) devices equipped with suspension facades that allow window cleaners and repair staff to work effectively without disturbing your guests’ views.

RAIL staff are also skilled in using Glass Replacement Units (GRU) in unison with your BMU to lower the new glass frames to the appropriate level. GRUs come in handy where the skyscraper features a whole glass facade and work efficiently with the BMU to create a pulley mechanism.

RAIL is built on ensuring customer satisfaction through safe and efficient high rise building equipment. Our staff are skilled and well experienced, with constant training in the least disruptive high rise broken glass replacement techniques. RAIL rope technicians are well suited to complex situations, reaching your buildings’ highest and evasive points with relative ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Hard Is It To Break A Skyscraper Window?

To be honest? Very hard. Skyscraper windows are often glazed and tempered to enhance their durability and resilience to heavy winds and object pressure (since they also function as walls). Due to the building’s height, skyscraper windows have two 0.25 inch glass board layers that help handle the human weight, heat insulation, and impact from objects borne by high winds.

This makes it very difficult and almost impossible to break skyscraper windows with your hands or an office chair. You are much more likely to succeed at removing the glass frame than breaking a skyscraper window

Why Are Tall Buildings Fixed With Shiny Glass Panels?

Because they extend farther into the sky, window panels in tall buildings undergo more exposure to sunlight and heat absorption. Manufacturers and repairers use glass panels that are Low-E coated to enhance their light reflection.

So rather than allow heat gain (which drives up your HVAC bills), tall buildings use energy-efficient glass that shines blue or green when you look at them. In addition to bouncing heat off the building’s surface, shiny glass panels also help reduce radiation and boost the performance of your cooling systems.

Can I Replace The Glass In My Double Glazing?

Yes, you can. An ingenious way of restoring energy efficiency to your high-rise building is by replacing the glass in the double glazing than replacing your entire window. A double glazed window consists of two glass panes separated by an air space or inert gas. This double-glazed unit is then fitted into your window frame. Though they are highly durable, it is possible for your glazing unit to “blow”, necessitating a replacement.

Replacing the glass in your double glazing requires removing the entire unit and fitting in new glass panes. This method is budget-friendly and can address the energy inefficiency of your windows. The window assembly must be resealed after the glass has been replaced. Another cost-effective option is to buy a double glazed unit of similar size to fit into your window frame.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace The Glass?

The cost of replacing the broken glass in your double glazing unit or high-rise window largely depends on the size. The larger the size of your skyscraper windows, the more glass it requires. This inevitably raises the cost of glass replacement as equipment and personnel fees also increase with the space needed to be covered.

Contact us today for comprehensive building care ranging from cleaning to painting and glass replacement anywhere in London. RAIL staff have stayed accident-free in our six years of industry practice thanks to our commitment to global safety standards and skills

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