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High-rise glass replacement is one of the most difficult and expensive operations. Traditionally, you need to start by getting a permit, then install scaffolding to make the operation possible, and finally, specialists will take a few days to glaze the building. This operation is awkward, long, and expensive, and we can fix all that. We offer professional rope access glazing that is fast, inexpensive, and doesn’t require a permit from the government. Our team consists of abseiling specialists that have extensive experience working on high-rise glazing all over London. We’ve worked with big companies, including contractors and homeowners, and our wide range of experience helps us do a fast and error-free job.

Having old and uninsulated windows is a major driving factor for increased electricity bills. Due to all the heat loss from this glass, it will take much more energy just to keep the building warm. So, you won’t only refresh the outward appearance of the building, but you’ll also save money in the long run. That’s why our offer of high-level glass replacement without any permits or headache is an indispensable offer that you’ll surely want to take us up on.

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With rope access, nothing is too high to clean. Whether it’s routine cleaning or removing graffiti, we will do it.


Our technicians can perform painting operations on brickwork, masonry, windows, and roofs.

Building Surveying

We offer building surveying services, including drafting, photographic recording, and more.


Thermal insulation and water resistance will preserve the looks of your building.


Our waterproofing service will help you make sure your roof is completely sealed at all times.

Bird Spikes

Birds won’t disturb you if you repel them with our bird spikes. We’ll help you make sure they won’t bother you.

Building Repairs & Maintenance

Buildings deteriorate over time and often require repairs in hard-to-reach places. We can fix them.


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At R.A.I.L. Ltd., we offer the best rope access services available in London. Take a look at all our client reviews to find out for yourself. If you find yourself in need of someone to repair, paint, or otherwise do anything with your building that involves operating at considerable heights, book our services using our online form.