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Who we work for

There are times when you need the help of a specialist. Someone who isn’t afraid to reach new heights and walk off the beaten path. Someone who will get the job done quickly yet efficiently, while keeping things safe. Sometimes, you just need the best rope access technician to help you out.
Rope Access in London is a company that offers the best rope access and work at heights services. For years, we’ve provided our clients with an amazing service, ensuring one of the highest standards industry. Our team consists of a number of experienced, skilled rope technicians who can climb up high without the use of any scaffolding, and perform complex tasks while being firmly tied with a rope. They are also trained in other forms of access, including confined space entry, confined space rescue, and more.
We work for a diverse range of clients. We mainly offer our services to office buildings and blocks of flats, as they have some of the hardest-to-reach places that require proper attention, but we’re also happy to lend a hand to private landlords, council buildings, etc. No matter how small or large your building is, you can count on the best cleaning, painting, repairs, and any other services you may require on a high elevation, and it’s guaranteed to be completely safe.


At R.A.I.L. we provide the most efficient high-rise window cleaning service. Our rope access window cleaners will be able to reach any window, no matter how high, and provide you with excellent cleaning in a completely safe way.


Whether you’re looking for someone to paint your brickwork, masonry, roofs, or simply remove graffiti, you can trust R.A.I.L., London’s leading specialist in abseiling painting.

Building Repairs & Maintenance

A building can require repairs at any height, even out of reach for regular equipment. With the help of our rope access technicians, you can count on repairs and maintenance at any possible height.

Bird Spikes

If you’re having trouble with making sure birds don’t come uninvited to your building, our rope access technicians can make sure they’ll never bother you again by installing bird spikes at places where birds like to perch.

Building Surveying

With the help of industrial abseiling, you can now count on the best building surveying you could ever hope for. With our help, you’ll get all the photographic recordings, boroscope inspections and drafting for a proper building surveying.


Buildings need to be properly waterproofed, and in order to do it properly, you need to reach some hard-to-reach places. With the help of our rope access technicians, it’s now safer and simpler than ever.