Rope Access vs Scaffolding

Dec 6, 2022 | Abseiling | 0 comments

How to get a job done at heights? There are several methods but not all of them are equally effective. Find out the difference between rope access and scaffolding and see for yourself what the do’s and don’ts of this field are. Make sure to get a job like that done quickly and with no worries.

The Basics of Scaffolding

Scaffolding is a lot more disruptive than the work of rope access technicians. The structure of any scaffold takes up a ton of space and stays in one place for a longer period of time. It clearly doesn’t add to the charm of any building and makes it apparent that some sort of work is being carried out on it. Rope access, on the other hand, is the complete opposite.

Rope access technicians are almost unnoticeable and if they have a bigger task to finish they just come to the same place more than once. They don’t leave anything behind or at least they don’t leave behind huge structures that make the city landscape look worse. That’s one of the many reasons why rope access is more convenient and safe for both the members of the rope access team and for the inhabitants of the building where works are supposed to be carried out. It’s simply easier and better in many ways.

The Benefits of Rope Access

Rope access is a lot safer and cheaper than scaffolding. It also takes less time and that’s why rope access is the way to go. What jobs exactly can be performed with rope access? Rope access is amazing for performing many different jobs at heights. You can clean windows, paint and check the safety of high structures.

You can also install special nets in order to deter birds from sitting on your building. Getting rid of pigeons is certainly a priority. You can also install forms of advertisement on buildings, such as banners and install cladding. There are many options and abseiling professionals excel at pretty much anything you can do at heights.

The Reasons Behind Rope Access Being Better

Rope access experts know how to navigate a rather unusual surrounding which is a wall or roof of a building. That’s due to the IRATA training that every one of them has to go through Simple maintenance jobs are a piece of cake for them as they do it every day. Rope access is a field that offers a more exciting routine to its employees and provides the thrill that an office job often lacks.

Rope access is used to complete basic tasks on buildings. That’s its main objective and most of the tasks rope access specialists do on a daily basis are linked to that. There are other things though that rope access can be useful for. Marketing also uses rope access as a method to get their advertisement more visible. Professionals can install large format banners on buildings.

Different Methods Used to Work at Extreme Heights

Scaffolding has all the same goals as rope access, but it uses different methods to get there. While rope access only uses a simple system, pretty much only ropes and minimal other equipment are enough to ensure safety, scaffolding is a more complex method. For the same job to be done, e.g., painting a building, you need to put more effort into completing such tasks. With scaffolding, a whole structure needs to be built every single time.

Even though scaffolding seems very steady, it’s no safer than rope access, and it obviously takes longer to do the same job. caffolding used to be more popular in the past but right now it’s a method that’s just not good enough anymore. It’s fallen out of grace and nowadays simpler and better methods are more popular. Rope access is one of them, and it offers a lot of comfort.

The Drawbacks of Scaffolding

Scaffolding has too many steps that need to be followed, it takes more time, and it’s more expensive than rope access. All of those factors lead to a rather obvious conclusion: scaffolding is no longer the method you should choose if you need a job done at a significant height. Of course, scaffolding services still exist, and you can still get your windows cleaned using scaffolding, but it’s not the most efficient solution. Rope access is an upgrade from scaffolding in so many ways. It helps you save money and time, while also being a safer option.

If you have a choice, don’t opt for scaffolding as it has been proven to be an inferior way to work at heights. Check out rope access. Depending on your location, look for specialist rope access companies in your local area. If you’re in London, make sure to call R.A.I.L. We have all the necessary know-how and the right skill set that makes it possible for us to successfully carry out rope access jobs. You can count on us to get any kind of job at heights done. Our professional team will get it done in no time.

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